As a fully integrated construction services company, FMC & ENGINEERING possesses the expertise and versatility needed to bring innovation and efficiency to any project.


We have developed a wide range of construction services that cater to the following market segments:

  • Heavy Civil Construction
  • Commercial and Industrial Construction
  • Government Construction
  • Land Development.


We work with the owner and the design team in the early phase of drawings, to provide suggestions for siting, constructability, budget and scheduling.


Within our preconstruction services, we have the design team which can act as a value-added member of the team, enhancing the design segment of the job by providing accurate pricing information and marrying the budget to the actual design.

By incorporating items such as sustainability and maintenance costs into our design review, our suggestions can often save the owner money well into the future.

Our pre-construction team works to reduce the overall project cost by saving time, labor and expenses.

The result is a building designed to the owner’s specifications, within budget and with no surprises.


Our team of construction professionals and frontline concrete crews provide the technical expertise and knowledge in the production and placement of concrete that is carried through from project to project regardless of complexity and intricacy.

All of our concrete placement services are performed by a fleet of sophisticated concrete placement equipment and a network of portable premix concrete plants.

Our concrete services include:

  • Concrete Paving
  • Roller Compacted Concrete
  • Retaining Walls
  • Barrier Walls
  • T walls


Our experienced structural crews are trained to meet the demands of construction of sophisticated bridges and elevated structures based on today’s standards.


Our structural expertise is not limited to new construction, but also includes the rehabilitation of concrete structures.

Regardless of size and scope, every project is fully staffed with a knowledgeable structures expert to ensure that all structures are built at an optimal level of quality and safety.


As a complement to our expertise in concrete placement, our asphalt construction services have also evolved to provide the same quality and expertise in the placement of asphalt.

Considering the fact that Afghanistan is a country in great need of transit and commutating routes, FMC & ENGINEERING has invested extensively in road building sector.

We have gathered the best road design and build team equipped with modern equipment and machineries.

Our extended network of partner companies enables us to excel in road works and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Following services are provided in road construction services:image55

  • Preliminary survey
  • Route survey
  • Road longitudinal and transverse profile design
  • Geotechnical exploration of roads and swell mechanics tests
  • Route slopes stability studies
  • Design, supervision and construction of culverts, small and medium bridges
  • Road building/ construction supervision Asphalt roads
  • Gravel road
  • Crashed roads
  • Swell road
  • Stabilized gravel roads

We can accommodate asphalt paving projects of varying size and scope.

In addition, our paving crews can perform asphalt paving operations in remote areas with the ability to transport portable asphalt plants directly to the project location.

Our Asphalt Paving Services Include:

  • Government highways
  • Regional & Municipal roadways
  • Private commercial
  • Asphalt sidewalks


Our continued dedication to the environment and our strong commitment towards sustainable development resulted in the development of comprehensive environmental services, which include water and waste water systems that is not harming the environment.image27


In short, we build:

  • Typical uses of Living
  • Connex are Crew Living
  • Quarters, Forward
  • Operating Bases, Work
  • Camps, Offshore Living
  • Quarters, Military Housing,
  • Containerized Housing
  • Units, Disaster Relief
  • Housing and many more.

CONNEX HOMESimage31image35

Typical uses of Living Connex are Crew Living Quarters, Forward Operating Bases, Work Camps, Offshore Living Quarters, Military Housing, Containerized Housing Units, Disaster Relief Housing and many more.

Our industrial living spaces are built into heavy duty shipping containers.

These efficient living spaces are constructed with heavy duty materials and create a secure environment while on-site.


The shipping container efficient living space is easily transportable and rapidly deployable; furthermore, the buildings may be stacked to conserve space

Standard features for all FMC & ENGINEERING living Boxes include:

  • Shower, sink and toilet
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Electrical system and lighting
  • Wiring for telephone and Internet connections
  • Insulated walls and ceiling


Better Security:

Our container housing units are wind and water-tight. They naturally withstand weather better than other temporary housing options-including manufactured / prefabricated housing.

Shipping containers are ideal for a variety of extreme weather zones and well-suited to protect against theft or property damage.


Container housing units are easily transportable. In fact, they can be set up and relocated indefinitely, without compromising structural integrity.


Container housing is cost-competitive with most other temporary housing options. But it offers added savings in allowing companies to forgo the digging of structural foundations or the creation of concrete slabs (Only a flat surface is required).

Container housing can also be more energy-efficient and less expensive to maintain than factory-built units that age and deteriorate similar to traditional homes.


Using shipping containers for workforce housing makes sense for your bottom line and for the planet.

With hundreds of thousands of containers now crowding ports, finding ways to repurpose them is a socially responsible choice.

Better still, when your operations move, you can reuse container housing in a new location rather than consume additional raw



Do you have a remote job site, special event or need a work space structure quickly to accommodate your needs?

The Office Box is a custom portable building available in 20ft and 40ft sizes.

These secure workplaces are built inside a vertically corrugated galvanized connex container. These structures offer practical work space in a mobile secure environment.

Available 20 & 40ft connex offices equipped with:

  • Full interior finish-out with 150 square ft. of workspace
  • Insulated interior with A/C and heating unit
  • Internal electrical system for lighting(220 / 110 volts)
  • One or two doors.
  • One or two windows
  • Wind and water tight

Container Office Box Includes:

  • Personnel Doors – creating easy accessible ground level entry
  • Windows – natural light and fresh air.
  • Insulated with a temperature controlled solution for employee comfort.
  • Wiring, Electrical and Lighting – allowing for all business operations to run smoothly
  • Interior Finished Walls & Ceiling — creating a professional environment
  • Heavy-duty flooring materials – for a stable workspace
  • Die-stamped steel roof – creating a highly secure long lasting structure

40 Foot Office


The 40 foot office offer up to 300 sq. ft. of workable space with full interior finish out, lighting, flooring and electrical outlets.

20 Foot Office


The 20 foot office offer up to 150 sq. ft. of workable space with full interior finish out, lighting, flooring and electrical outlets


Containerized Shower System provides shower capability for 12 people simultaneously.

The Containerized Shower is deployed separately, and requires freshwater tank or other reliable source of freshwater, availability of a power source, water pump and a wastewater disposal area.

We can provide 20 and 40ft luxury shower systems with three bathrooms and three showers, six bathrooms and six showers and twelve bathrooms and twelve showers.image19image18

Units can be operated independently or combined with additional shower units to support larger events.

They can be positioned on the ground or left on the chassis for added flexibility.

Containerized shower units are ideal for military exercises, special events or disaster relief operations.

The Shower System gives your construction site the ability to offer the employees on the job a state of the art shower facility.

These units offer a climate controlled, sanitary environment for workers to shower before leaving the jobsite for the day.

The system is equipped with electrical (220 / 110 volts), water heaters (geysers) of different capacities and air conditioner.


Our portable toilets are procured from international and local manufactures.


Our portable toilets are procured from international and local manufactures.

We offer western and eastern toilets that are produced in US & UK and in local markets with the highest standards.  

They have proved robust and resilient in years of military operations around the world.

Standard: the standard model is fitted with a double holder for toilet paper roles, allocable door, and ventilation panels.


FMC & ENGINEERING can provide DFACs for its clients in different parts of the country.

Our DFACs include:

  • Design and construction of kitchen and dining area.
  • Functional dining and kitchen facility shall be capable of feeding personnel at one sitting based on the menu and other functional requirements of the project.
  • Stainless steel work counters, shelving, scullery sink, stoves, electrical   and outlets.
  • Space for future refrigerators and freezers.
  • Work counters continuous and fixed to the walls.
  • Fuel connections and arrangements for cooking.
  • Trench type floor drains in the kitchen areas.
  • Low rim height designed for washing very large pots.
  • Fire protection provided by fire extinguishers at easily accessible locations inside the DFACs.


Available for sale or rent, our 20-foot storage containers provide approximately 160 square feet and 1,250 cubic feet of portable storage space, but only take up the equivalent of one parking space.image29

The standard portable storage container requires no foundations or structural assembly. It is wind and water-tight to protect your things from the elements.

20 ft. containers

Exterior container dimensions:

20′ (L) x 8′ (W) x 8.5′ (H)

Interior container dimensions:

19’4″ (L) x 7’8″ (W) x 7’9″ (H)

40 ft. containers

Exterior dimensions:

40′ (L) x 8′ (W) x 8.5′ (H)

Interior dimensions:

39’5″ (L) x 7’8″ (W) x 7’9″ (H)


All of our 20-foot storage containers are built with:

  • 16 gauge vertically corrugated galvanized steel
  • Double doors with ground-level entry
  • Heavy-duty flooring
  • Die-stamped steel roof

We know your things are important to you. We’ll help keep them safe while they’re stored and portable for when you’re ready to use them again.


Each Mobile Laundry Unit contains multiple washing machines, multiple dryers, hot and cold water, climate control, and interior lighting.image42

The units can be used as a single unit or combined together to support larger exercises.

Units can be positioned on the ground or left on the chassis for added flexibility and

are ideal for military exercises, special events or disaster relief operations.

We can provide 20 and 40ft laundry connexs.

They are equipped with everything you need in a laundry.

Rapid installation features include quickly connects for electrical, water, and sewer connections. Heavy duty steel construction and rugged design enable units to withstand winds with proper anchoring.image33

The unit includes:

  • Dryers
  • Sink
  • 110/220 V Outlets
  • Towel Racks
  • Soap Dishes
  • 1 or 2 Windows
  • Water Heater
  • Exhaust Fan
  • Sewer
  • Water Disconnects
  • Locking Entrance Door
  • Insulated Walls and Ceiling


Keeping with our full-service reputation and client-focused approach, ADVANCED BUILDERS, provides Procurement services for numerous fields to its Government, Military, Non Profit and private sector clients all over Afghanistan.

We intend to become nation’s leading procurement company in the commercial industry.

We help companies reach their procurement goals, streamline the invoice and accounting process, as well as provide information that gives companies great control over their operational spending.

FMC & ENGINEERING procurement unit values business ethics, diversity, dignity and respect, integrity and trust, accountability and entrepreneurship. We offer multi-unit Design/ Build operators the opportunity reduce costs by committing purchasing volume through our at the source network. image41

The more categories and volume members commit, the greater the savings. You would find a comprehensive suite of procurement and supply chain services ranging from contract negotiation to fully outsourced purchasing

Our contracting team is responsible for negotiating supplier or manufacturing agreements and purchasing contracts.

Procurement Managers oversee RFP’s (Request for Proposals) and purchasing functions. The category managers approve all product pricing and purchases in the following categories:


Galvanized Steel Wires for armoring cables are manufactured from plain carbon basic steel in accordance with BS 1442.



The preferred nominal sizes and tolerance according to BS 1442 are as per Table No. 1.

image44Tensile Strength:

The tensile strength calculated on the actual diameter of the galvanized wire is between 34 h bar and 50 h bar. 1 h bar = 10N/mm


The elongation of wire will not be less than 10%


The minimum number of turns to fracture is as per

Product Specificationimage30


We offer galvanized diamond wire mesh and also PVC coated diamond wire mesh, mainly for fencing use.

The wire is galvanized by hot dip process in accordance with BS 443.


To manufacture the above products we use, Low Carbon Steel Wire, Stainless Steel Wire, and Aluminum Alloy Wire.

Low carbon steel diamond mesh has a thick galvanized coating to ensure a longer life.

Woven diamond pattern provides strong, durable and flexible construction.

The closely spaced diamond mesh construction gives the fence linear strength.

Diamond mesh can also be used for Fencing, Sports Field, Air Ports, River Banks, Construction, Residence and also Animal Fencing.

The Diamond Mesh wire construction is recommended because it is strong, safe and flexible does not break sag or roll up from the bottom.


Gabion Baskets, Boxes are structures that are made of Hexagonal Galvanized Steel Wire, PVC Coated, and Aluminum-Zinc coated Double-Twisted wire mesh.


Gabion Baskets can be supplied in various lengths, widths and heights.

Please see Table-1 for more information about the mesh opening tolerances.

In order to strengthen the baskets, all the edges of structure should be woven with wire of larger diameter.

Gabion Baskets which have longer length than 2m are divided into cells by panels, called diaphragm.


The wire mesh used in Gabion Baskets strictly confirms to EN10223-3. Gabions also meet the requirements of ASTM A975-97.



We bring forth the finest range of GI Barbed Wires. These GI Barbed Wires are manufactured using latest technology.

We use high quality metals in the production process to add strength.

Our GI Barbed Wires are very economical and long lasting.


We use Galvanized Steel, PVC coated Wire.


Single Barbed Wire, Double Twisted Barbed Wire.


Helps in protecting grassland, Railway, highway etc.

Product Specification:

Barbed Iron Wire: Barbed Iron Wire Material: Gal. Iron Wire. Barbed Wire Uses: As fence for grassland, fence for bordering and express highways, railway, as isolation screen, etc. image36

Barbed Wire Specifications:

10#x12#, 12# x 14# etc.


Any length.


Razor wire is used as a defense strategy all around the world

Sorts of razor wire:

  • Single loop razor wire
  • Concertina razor wire
  • Welded razor wire (razor mesh)
  • Flat razor wire

Regular size for single loop and concertina razor wire:


Cover length: 7m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 15m or customized.

Out diameter: 450mm, 500mm, 600mm, 730mm, 800mm, 980mm or customized.

Blade style: BTO-10, 12, 18, 22, 30 CBT-65


Razor Mesh is a versatile, high security fencing mesh designed to protect you and your property without marring the appearance of the property.


Razor Mesh Profile:

Standard Panel Sizes Extremely difficult to cut (high tensile core wire).

Hard to climb Height of 1.2, 1.8, 2.1 and 2.4 meters Length is 6m.

Aperture Size is 150mm*300mm OR 75mm*150mm.

Does away with the need for a fence topping.



The HESCO barrier or HESCO bastion is a modern gabion for military fortificationimage07

It is made of a collapsible wire mesh container and heavy duty fabric liner, and used as a temporary blast or small-arms barrier.


Originally designed for use on beaches and marshes for erosion and flood control, the HESCO bastion quickly became a popular security device.

In general, it takes far less labor to build a HESCO barrier than an equivalent structure made with sandbags.


Green screen is a three dimensional, welded wire trellising system.


The distinctive modular trellis panel is the building block of the green screen system Rigid and lightweight standard 3″ or 2″ thick panels are 4′ wide x 6′, 8′, 10′, 12’, or 14′ tall


Green screens unique wire space frame configuration can span between structure members- thus fences, free standing screens and gazebos are just some of the many applications.

The panel’s depth creates a “captive growing space” for supporting plants and promoting healthy growth.

Technical Information

The Screen’ is a living fence, consisting of a metal grid covered with plants.

The metal grid is folded at the bottom to facilitate a biodegradable pot, which is filled with potting soil.

The plants are grown in this soil and trailed along the metal grid in order to get full coverage.

The biodegradable pot consists of coconut fibers bond together by natural latex.

Once the ‘Green Screen’ is installed this pot will degrade within one or two years, depending on structure, nutrient levels and moisture levels of the sub soil.


The work at FMC & ENGINEERING is divided into departments.

 Each departments rule is clear. These departments work together to run project towards completion.


All plants, equipment, instrument, and apparatus are regularly checked and calibrated.


Materials are carefully maintained, stockpiled, and produced complying with international standards.

The engineers at FMC & ENGINEERING are very experienced at performing construction Quality Control; they will make assure quality requirements of the work that company or subcontractor performs.

We maintain construction contract administration, construction monitoring, create and maintain daily log, shop drawings, respond to RFI (requests for information), prepare contract change order

documentation, prepare cost estimating for field change orders, prepare weekly construction reports, prepare monthly payment voucher and other necessary work.


The planning department is essential in the controlling, monitoring, evaluating, scheduling, and budgeting of the projects.


The planning department derives the cost estimates of all projects, makes quantity surveying, prepares the B.O.Q, and assigns the weight percentage for each activity.

Furthermore, planning department prepares the schedule, the projected targets and the preparations of the invoices.

It also monitors the progress of the work, recommends the changes and finalizes the corrections.


The company has a group of well-trained managers and engineers with outstanding leadership that can handle and hand over projects on time at a reasonable cost.

Our management includes construction supervisors, quality control personnel, procurement personnel, equipment and logistics, budget control, human resources, planning and monitoring, and engineering.



The company has the qualified design personnel to conceptualize, innovate, create, and concretize ideas in architecture and engineering of any building structure and any horizontal projects such as land development, roads and bridges, piers, ports and harbors and other structures.


Having enough experience in various fields and available competent technical employees, the company has the capacity to serve clients.


We can provide consultancy information in management, safety, quality and engineering.