FMC & ENGINEERING we never rest upon our laurels and are passionate and driven to continue the high levels of customer satisfaction the way we have achieved so far.

We undertake a variety of projects for a wide range of clients – from small private developments to large Government projects. Our unique and flexible project management systems ensure that a positive outcome is achieved regardless of size or nature of the project.

FMC & ENGINEERING is founded, to take part in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. We are honored to offer our services for better reconstruction of Afghanistan. FMC & ENGINEERING Construction Company is honored to attain all clients’ satisfaction by fulfilling the projects in standard manners, within budget and time.

FMC & ENGINEERING provides design, construction, engineering, estimation, testing and inspection services while working closely with design professionals, contractors, government agencies and other project team members throughout the project’s duration. 


Laboratory testing is provided by our accredited laboratories which are inspected and certified regularly by private and government authorities.


I am delighted to present a company to you that is ‘built to last’ and has continually delivered the right engineering and construction solutions for our public and private sector clients since its inception.

There is a story in every project we build. A personality ingrained by those who design and build it.

No matter what is our clients’ project challenge, we will offer the people, the smarts, the desire and dedication to get the job done right.

We don’t just build public and private infrastructure, we make a commitment to understand our clients’ needs and offer an end-to-end solution to every project, big or small, no matter what it is or where it’s located.

Our creative approach is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

Anyone can build it, but we believe we build it better. We have some of the best and brightest in their fields working for us. It’s something we’re proud of, we strive to be the industry leaders, and it shows in our work.

At FMC & ENGINEERING we have a strong belief in our people and the passion they generate to deliver on our clients’ infrastructure challenges.

Please do not hesitate to e-mail us or get in touch with us.

Yours Sincerely,

Engr. Hakimi

Chief Executive Officer



We are a solid partner for our customers and all stakeholders based on the integrity and competency of our people, our long years of experience and our track record for delivering results.


We demand excellence, deliver on our promises and continuously search for new and better ways to provide the best solutions for our customers and all stakeholders.


Quality is king at FMC & ENGINEERING. We aim to make sure that the expectations of the clients, partners and all stakeholders are fully complied with, and that projects are delivered with a high standard in a timely manner.

We always use products and materials that meet or exceed the requirements of the contract documents and ensure our staff are adequately trained.


The health, safety and welfare of all staff, sub-contractors, clients and visitors is significantly important to us, and it is our intention to strive for excellence in the effective health and safety management of all construction sites under our control.

We simply do not compromise with the safety issues. We train and expect each of our employees to demonstrate attitudes and actions towards a
safe and healthy work enviroment.

We have had the lowest ratio of the hours worked by number of incidents.

We also aim to effectively mitigate all hazards arising from our facilities, activities and site specific environments.

We as well ensure we comply with all legal obligations, relevant standards and codes of practice with a commitment to developing a culture of safety within the civil construction industry.


At FMC & Engineering, we understand that environmental sustainability is everyone’s responsibility.

As a prominent company, we are prepared to lead the way in this regard.

We also realize that a commitment to the environment is not just a social responsibility, but also good business practice as we seek to increase our constantly

growing reputation. For this reason, we ensure that our environmental policy is implemented throughout every facet of our business. We establishing and maintaining appropriate programs and plans to preempt environmental damage resulting from our operations.

We also comply with all governmental laws, rules and regulations.

Simply put, our overall objective is to carry out our operations in a way which manages and minimizes any adverse environmental impact and to prevent any pollution.